Give our railing experts at H&Y Fence a call when you need a new or replacement railing on your property. Our railings are made of high-quality aluminum and vinyl for the best fall protection available and are built to last and look great.

When it comes to keeping your Sarasota area property safe and secure, properly installed, high quality railings are an important piece to consider. A strong, solid railing can mean the difference between the highest level of safety and a railing that looks wonderful but doesn't provide the kind of protection you require at your Florida property.

H&Y Fence is here to help! Our railing professionals have the proper tools, skills, and experience to tackle any residential or business railing project in Sarasota, Florida and beyond.

Check out all of our property railing possibilities to see which one is right for your Florida home.

Railings in - Sarasota Florida

Railing Styles

Sarasota, Florida's aluminum and vinyl property railings are available in a wide range of shapes, widths, and colors from our trusted manufacturers. Our railings may be customized to any size or finish, and they're entirely secure, providing the protection and safety that you'd expect from a high-quality railing.

Vinyl Railings

NVP Vinyl railing in Sarasota, Florida

We utilize a proprietary blend of the highest grade of raw materials to create railings that exceed industry durability testing standards. Once your new railing is installed, you never have to stain, paint, or worry about your railing rotting. Never again.

Aluminum Railings

Antebellum Aluminum Railing in Sarasota, Florida

We rely on the inner strength of aluminum alloys to provide the strength and durability our customers deserve. Aluminum does not rust and therefore drastically reduces maintenance costs.

Aluminum Railings

Independence Aluminum Railing in Sarasota, Florida

Independence aluminum railing products combine the most stringent quality standards with the most innovative compounds in our powder coated finish to resist peeling, flaking, corrosion, rotting or rusting.

Aluminum Railings

Ideal Aluminum Railing in Sarasota, Florida

iDEALRAIL uses our patented snap plate technology to conceal the entire picket to rail connections. Post connections are made internally through a routed post and locking rod.

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Talk to our fence experts

You have questions, we have answers! We have been your local fence company for over 50 years! We are here to answer your call to help you find the perfect fence, gate or railing for your residential or commercial property in the Sarasota, Florida area.

Every property with stairs and decks will most likely require railings of certain specifications. Each town and municipality may have slightly different regulations, so be sure to reach out to our staff at H&Y Fence and we can help you determine what's required based on your location and property details.

Each manufacturer has a warranty on their aluminum and vinyl railings installed in the Sarasota area. We also take pride in the work we do and offer lifetime workmanship warranties on all of our installations.

Be sure to check out the brochure of the manufacturer you're ordering from to read the details of each warranty agreement, or speak to our friendly staff for more info.

All of our railing manufacturers use quality aluminum or vinyl material for their railing fabrications. These are chosen because of the strength of both vinyl and aluminum and the low maintenance and longevity of the products themselves.

Yes, each manufacturer has their own available grade levels of aluminum and vinyl railings that work in a variety of Florida property situations. There are residential, commercial, and industrial levels of each type of railing depending on your needs and preferences.

Once your new railing is installed, there will never be a need to paint or worry about your railing rotting, due to the strong material our railings are constructed with.

The only thing you may need to do is wash it down with water or regular household cleaners once a year if dirt begins to build up. Otherwise, you can rest easy knowing that you have a quality, long lasting railing that will protect everyone who visits your home or business.

All of our aluminum railing manufacturers use material that stand up to harsh weather and are coated to prevent corrosion. Our aluminum railings are rust resistant and will not warp for the duration of their life either.

Our vinyl railings utilize a proprietary blend of the highest grade of raw materials to create railings that exceed industry durability testing standards.

Be sure to talk to our helpful staff for more information or questions about your railing project.