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H&Y Fence has been your local fence company in Parrish Florida for more than 50 years, gaining impressed clients time and time again across the Parrish region. The new American-Made contemporary fencing solutions in materials like Florida's own cypress wood, Utah vinyl fence, and other possibilities in chain link and aluminum may be seen in our new showroom.

Our fence solutions are known for providing the most up-to-date fencing designs available, so you can be sure they'll give your home a distinctive look! The best modern fencing choices are available at H&Y Fence, no matter whether you are looking for a stylish or more practical fence.

Award Winning Services from The Fence Experts

When H&Y Fence installs your fence, you can be certain that it will last, function beautifully, and be a good investment. As Sarasota's longest-running recipient of "The Best of Sarasota" award, you can rely on our fence contractors and builders to provide high-quality fence installation for property owners in and around the nearby Parrish area.

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Find Your Perfect Fence in Parrish with H&Y Fence

We've met clients from all across the Parrish area that are looking for a fence, and each of them have a different reason for needing one. The reasons are all across the board! The first distinction between our customers is whether they are looking for a residential fence for their home or a commercial fence for their business. Either way, we can find the perfect fence fit!

Parrish Florida residential fencing company

Parrish Florida Key Features of Residential Fences

Residential fencing in Parrish Florida can be installed in a variety of materials such as vinyl, aluminum, wood or chain link. Once you decide on a material, the style and color you prefer is your next decision. Some materials, like wood fence and vinyl fence, have a wider selection of style options, though these days even aluminum and chain link have many attractive adjustments that can be made. There are many reasons homeowners choose to install fencing, including security, curb appeal, privacy, protecting a pool area and for keeping their children and pets safe.

No matter what kind you choose, residential fences across Parrish will do well to provide you with any number of this list of unmatched benefits.

Parrish Residential Fencing
Parrish Florida commercial fencing company

Parrish Florida Key Benefits of Commercial Fences

Commercial fencing in Parrish Florida can use the same fence materials that are used residentially, however in many cases, are installed at a higher grade level creating a stronger barrier. Depending on the type of business, most commercial fences are installed for multiple reasons and can serve each purpose with style and strength.

Business owners across Parrish, choose commercial fencing for many reasons. Some of which include security, reducing liabilities, client and employee privacy, attracting the right customers and for creating a professional look.

Parrish Commercial Fencing

The Best Fences for Parrish Florida

The first thing to decide when purchasing a fence is the material type you want and need for your Parrish property. Is your main goal beauty? Strength? Affordability? No matter what the answer, or if it's a combination of multiple reasons, you can find your answer within one of these types listed here.

aluminum fence Parrish Florida

Parrish Florida Aluminum Fence

When elegance and strength are your priorities, aluminum fencing is the way to go for your Parrish home or business. The perfect choice for pool fencing and other open visibility areas, aluminum fencing is strong and lightweight, lasting a long time with nearly no upkeep needed.

Aluminum Fence
vinyl fence Parrish Florida

Parrish Florida Vinyl Fence

Many property owners in Parrish choose vinyl fencing for its style, durability and variety of style. You can choose vinyl fences that look more like wood, create privacy or have spaced out pickets and surround pool areas as vinyl is not susceptible to damage from constant moisture.

Vinyl Fence
chain link fence Parrish Florida

Parrish Florida Chain Link

Chain link fencing is a standard Parrish fence that is rust resistant, strong and easy to install. With its galvanized coating and option for PVC coating in different colors, chain link is a dependable type of fencing that can work in almost any situation.

Chain Link Fence
wood fence Parrish Florida

Parrish Florida Wood Fence

Naturally beautiful, economical, tough and versatile, wood fences in Parrish cover all the bases! With just a little routine maintenance, wood fences can look great and last a long time, enhancing your property value, too.

Wood Fence

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If you live in or around Parrish Florida and are looking for a new fence, you can get a fast fence quotation from our website. Getting started is fast, simple, and there's no risk!

Wood Fences in Parrish Florida

With its natural appearance and flexibility to be tailored into practically any design you like, wood fence is a fantastic option for homes all over the Florida area because of its versatility and ability to fit in with its surroundings.

Parrish Florida Shadowbox style wood fence

Wood Fences in Shadowbox Design

This form of wood fencing in Parrish Florida is beautiful from either side of the fence, and it is available in both horizontal and vertical designs. It has boards that alternate on each side of the fence, and it may be installed horizontally or vertically. It is ideal for neighbors who are dividing the cost of the fence since both sides have the same beautiful appearance.

Parrish Florida stockade style wood fence

Privacy Style Wood Fences

In Parrish Florida, a variety of board-on-board and privacy stockade fence styles are available in this traditional form of wood fencing. Both types are available, with the option to style the top of the fence in either a dog-ear or a flat top style, depending on your preference. It is also possible to change the height of the boards, which can range anywhere from 4' to 8'.

Parrish Florida cap and trim style wood fence

Wood Fences in Cap and Trim Style

Add a little flair to your wood privacy fence by installing a cap and trim to your fence to create an attractive accent piece. Doing this not only creates an attractive design, but also adds protection to the ends of your fence and may protect it more from rot.

Parrish Florida horizontal style wood fence

Horizontal Style Wood Fences

The denseness of Ipe wood used in our stacked horizontal wood fence makes it almost impossible to burn. This wood, which is harvested from managed Brazilian forests, may be used to build a fence that is strong as nails and can survive for more than 75 years at properties in Parrish Florida. We prefer stacked horizontal fences when it comes to houses with more contemporary designs.

View ALL Parrish Wood Fence Styles

Parrish's Best Fence Installation Options

In Parrish Florida, you have options when it comes to fence installation. Pick the one that's right for you!

Parrish Florida DIY Fence Installation

Parrish Florida Professional Fence Installation

For both residential and commercial projects in Parrish, our team of fence installers can help you from beginning to end with your fence needs. We've got you covered!

Parrish Florida DIY Fence Installation

Many of our clients have entrusted us with developing a strategy for constructing the ideal fences around their homes in Parrish. When you'd like to do the job yourself, we'd love to support you and equip you with everything you need.

Regardless of the choice you go with, we are here to serve you with your design and planning needs. We can direct you with the specific installation of your fence, as well as deliver the supplies to your property. Let us help you build a long-lasting fence for your property!

H&Y Fence Parrish Florida: Find The H&Y Fence Company Difference

Work with the leader in professional fencing services in Parrish Florida since 1970

We take great pleasure in providing our clients in Parrish with a high degree of customer satisfaction and superior job quality as a locally owned and operated business. Our fence technicians provide full-service fence installation, repair, and maintenance to residents in the Parrish Florida region and we work on a variety of fence types, including aluminum, vinyl, wood, and chain link fences, as well as commercial and residential secure entry.

The primary elements that distinguish H&Y Fence from other area fence professionals are quality work, satisfied clients, and competitive costs. Our close-knit, experienced team of project managers, fence installation specialists, wood craftsmen, and customer service representatives in the Parrish region are qualified and ready to satisfy all of your fencing needs.

Learn more about our products and services and how we make a difference for property owners all across the Parrish Florida area. Call to get your questions answered and for a free fencing job estimate!

The H&Y Fence Difference in Parrish Florida Fence Installations

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Parrish Fence FAQs

Find all our most frequently asked questions about fences we install in the Parrish area

H&Y Fence is your trusted Parrish fence contractor and has been serving customers in the area for over 50 years. For 11 years straight, we've been named The Best of Sarasota under the category of Sarasota Fence Contractors and Builders. With our extensive experience and professional staff, you can trust that H&Y Fence offers the best in modern fencing products and services to meet your home or business needs.

We take pride in our work and all of our Parrish and the surrounding area installations have a 1 year workmanship warranty on every job we do. The vinyl, wood posts, chain link and aluminum have manufacturer warranties. You can find the details on each at the brochures under each different fence material page.

Yes! H&Y Fence is licensed and insured across every area we work in across Sarasota County, Manatee County and Charlotte County. You can be sure with our professional workmanship and expert staff we take pride in our work and take care to do every job under the safest and best guidelines possible.

Since local permitting laws differ from town to town, the answer is complicated. As a solution, we're happy to help you in determining what you need in Parrish before beginning your fence installation job and we will work with you to ensure that all the required processes are in place.

While most fence materials can be used around pool areas, we recommend using vinyl, aluminum or chain link fence in Parrish. Wood fencing can certainly be used for pools around Parrish Florida, however, it may be more likely than other materials to rot or warp near all of the water and moisture a pool area will expose it to. Proper stain and sealant redone every couple of years can help to keep a wood fence lasting longer and can help when it is the type of fencing you would like to install around your pool yard. For any further questions, speak to one of our knowledgeable staff who can go more in depth with any answers you need.

A wide range of fence options are available for your Parrish property from our experienced team. Many more than we can include into this short answer. Color choices, styles, features, and warranty information may all be found in the brochures listed under each category in our Styles and Options section above.

The H&Y Fence office is located in Sarasota, Florida. We also serve Parrish and the neighboring counties listed here.

Easy! Just give us a call. We'll put you on the schedule and get you a full estimate for your Parrish fencing job as soon as possible.

You can also use our INSTANT FENCE PRICING ESTIMATOR to get an online quote. Simply enter the details of your property information.

Examples of Our Fence Projects in Parrish Florida

Here are a few examples of some of our recent fencing projects in Parrish Florida. We have many more! If there is a specific style fence you are looking for in Parrish, simply Contact Us and we'll send you plenty of awesome fence photos and details.

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